Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Definition of Diglossia
Issues regarding bilingualism would feel intimately with the linguistic development of Indonesian society. This is because the Indonesian people use more than one language, which is their native language (vernacular) and the Indonesian language as the national language. The use of the local language as well as the use of the first language, while the use of Indonesian also known as the use of a second language. The use of language as it is referred to as diglossia (Aslinda, et al., 2007: 26).
The word comes from the French diglossie, once used by Marcais, a lingu France: but the term was made famous in the study sociolinguistic after being used by a swarjana from Stanford University, the C.A. Ferguson 1958 in a symposium on "Urbanization and standard languages" organized by the American Anthropological Association in Washington, DC. Ferguson then made even more famous the term with an article entitled " diglossia ". 

Ferguson used the term diglossia to declare a state of a society in which there are two variations of a language which coexist and each has a specific role. According to Ferguson's diglossia definition is:
1.     Diglossia is a relatively stable language situation, where in addition there are a number of major dialects of one language, there are also a variety of others.
2.    The main dialects of which, it could be a standard dialect, or a regional standard.
3.    Variety others it has the characteristics:
· Already codified
· More complex grammatical
· It is a vehicle for literary writing is very spacious and respected
· Learned through formal education
· Used mainly in written language and spoken language formal
· Not 
use in everyday conversation


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